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Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library Cornerstone of the Community Cornerstone of the Community

Jesse Smith Library's
Vision Statement

December 2015
The slogan of our library is “Cornerstone of the Community.” The library strives to be an integral and vibrant center for our community.
The Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library will continue to provide access to diverse materials, services and programs in an atmosphere which encourages the free flow of ideas to educate, entertain, enrich and inform the residents of the Town of Burrillville.
The library will continue to serve as the community's principle resource for reference, and special emphasis will continue to be placed on supporting students at all academic levels and on stimulating the interests of young children to develop an appreciation for reading and learning.
The library will continue to strive to acquire up to date technology that will allow patrons access to the latest in educational, informational and recreational services.


Library Planning

The Library maintains both Long Range and Technology Plans which are reviewed annually, and rewritten every 5 years. The most recent update was in 2013.

Long Range Plan [ PDF ]

Technology Plan [ PDF ]

 Library Administration


Library Administrators

Library Director

Ms. Beth Ullucci, MLIS

Library Board of Trustees

The JMS Library is incorporated as a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). The operation of the library is overseen by a five member board appointed by the Burrillville Town Council.

  • Chairman: Aaron Coutu
  • Secretary: Dorothy Karolyshyn
  • Treasurer: Margaret Dudley
  • Anita Hurley Diez
  • Lynn Fournier

Trustee Emeritus: G. Wayne Miller

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

The September meeting is the annual meeting.

Library Instruments of Governance

Library Constitution & By-Laws [PDF]

Library Mission Statement [PDF]
(Inlcudes Vision Statement and Service Policy)

Library Policies on —

Amplifier Policy [PDF]

Borrowing & Circulation [web page]

Borrowing of Circulating Passes [PDF]

eReader Borrowing [PDF]

Displays & Exhibits [PDF]

Display & Exhibit Application [PDF]

Inter-Library Loan [PDF]

Internet [PDF]

Local History Access & Use [PDF]

Lock Down [Safety] [PDF]

Materials Selection [PDF]

Posting of Public Notices [PDF]

Privacy [PDF]

Safety & Disruptive Behavior [PDF]

Security Camera Policy [PDF]

Service Policy (Included in Mission Statement) [PDF]

Cellphone & Telephone Use Policy [PDF]

Unattended Children [PDF]

Volunteers [PDF]

Weather Closing Policy[PDF]

Use of Library Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Use Policy [PDF]

Meeting Room Use Application [PDF]

Teen Room Use Policy [PDF]

For information on reservations JMSLBookings@burrillville.org





Jesse M. Smith
Memorial Library

Smith Memorial Building 1933

Our library has been around for over 100 years. In 1933, it was located on the second floor of the Smith Memorial Building at the corner of Main Street and East Avenue. That second floor window in the center of the picture above looked out from the corner of the library room. If you would like to know more, you can read about the history of the JMS Library.

The Jesse Smith Library is a member of Ocean State Libraries consortium.

Ocean State Libraries is a consortium dedicated to serving the Rhode Island community by sharing materials, services, and electronic resources.

Go to the Ocean State Libraries Home Page.

OSL is incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code (501c3). As of 2012, there were 49 public library systems operating from 70 locations, and one school library. All RI residents have access to the OSL libraries in their own and other communities.

OSL was founded in 1982 as the Cooperating Libraries Automated Network (CLAN) for the purpose of sharing a single library automation system with a common patron database for circulation of library materials. In the ensuing twenty-five years, OSL has grown dramatically. In addition to the circulation system, OSL now offers a shared MARC bibliographic database, an on-line public access catalog, inter-library loan through system-wide holds (reserves), a consortium-wide telecommunications network with Internet access, and on-line access to periodical indexes and full-text databases. OSL uses the RINET communications network to connect to the Internet. OSL also uses the LORI delivery system of OLIS to carry library materials among its members. In 2007, CLAN changed its name to Ocean State Libraries.

In the beginning, OSL was managed almost entirely by the Providence Public Library. Since incorporating in 1993, the management and policy making functions of OSL have passed from Providence to the general OSL membership.

Funding for most OSL computer and telecommunications equipment has been generously supplied by the Champlin Foundations. OSL’s operating budget comes entirely from fees paid by its member libraries.